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Breeder Directory

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Name Country Kennel Website Email Phone
Stefan & Cindy Adriaens-Carmans (BEL - Y-Shirvan)Belgium, Lummen Y-Shirvan http://www.y-shirvan.comstephan2@skynet.be
Mrs Muriel Boydell (Thomas) (UK - Warrenoak)United Kingdom, Sussex Warrenoak http://www.warrenoak.com/warrenoak@hotmail.com
Lotta Brun (NOR & SP - Caravan)Spain,  Caravan http://kennelcaravan.com/lotta@kennelcaravan.com
Mr & Mrs Alan & Lesley Busby (UK - Wilbus)United Kingdom, Dover, Kent Wilbus http://www.wilbusafghans.co.uk/lesleybusby@mac.com
John & Lynda Farley (USA - Hosanna)United States, Kentucky Hosanna http://www.hosanna1.com/Hounds/jlfarley@scrtc.com
Jay & Neva Jean Johnson (USA - High Kaliber)United States, Warrenton, VA High Kaliber Mean_NJ@cuisp.com
Martina & Thomas Kempken (GER - Nightwind)Germany, Duisburg Nightwind http://www.nightwind-afghans.dethkempken@nightwind-afghans.de
Rosa Maria Lozano (SP - Mariscalato)Spain,  Mariscalato http://www.mariscalatokennel.comrosa@mariscalatokennel.com
Amy S Wendling (USA - Anuttara)United States,  Anuttara anuttaraafghans1@aol.com

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