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Last name First name Kennel Judge Website Facebook City Country
H H Maharajah of Baria (IND - Baria)Baria India
Ha (USA)G L & Myrtle Marie United States
Haaber (SWE)Pauline Sweden
Haack (GER - St Juergen)Georg Germany
Haag (UK/USA - Jabigandal)Mr & Mrs W P & Janet M United Kingdom
Haak (USA)D W & G L United States
Haan (USA)Cynthia Louise United States
Haapala (FIN - Faunin)Anne Finland
Haar (NOR)Elin Horsfjord & Roy Norway
Haas (USA - Ben Haasin)Helen M CO United States
Haas (USA)James G & Karen K United States
Haas (USA)Mrs C E United States
Haas-Hartmann (GER)Monika Germany
Haase (USA - Shibar)Kathy & Art MI United States
Haaser (USA - Citadel)Roy & Linda MD United States
Haataja (FIN)Marja-Leena Finland
Haataja (FIN)Raimo Finland
Haavi (NOR - Sherafro)Marit Rakbjorg Norway
Habegger (SWI - el Nadir-Schah)E Switzerland
Habegger (SWI - Girobus )F Switzerland
Habegger (SWI - Kabul)E Switzerland
Habel (GER - Elsbeth-Freund)Fritz Germany
Habel (USA)Judith Ann United States
Habelka (USA)Suzanne United States
Haber (USA - Haber's)Roy United States
Haberle (GER)Mrs H Germany
Habermehl (USA)Mr & Mrs J M & S United States
Habershon (UK)Mrs D United Kingdom
Habicht (USA)N United States
Hable (USA)A United States
Haboby (DK)Laila Denmark
Haboby & Christensen (DK - El Khandaris)Laila & Norman Denmark
Hacher / Hacker (USA)W United States
Hack (UK - Nevakali)Mr & Mrs F W United Kingdom
Hack (USA)Felicia United States
Hacke (USA)R & D United States
Hackenberg (USA)M United States
Hacker (UK - Dunnslayne)Mrs Z P United Kingdom
Hacker (UK)Mr & Mrs G R United Kingdom
Hackett (UK - Tarazhan)Mrs & Miss B H & S A United Kingdom
Hackett (UK - Tekcah)Mr J T United Kingdom
Hackett (UK)Mrs S United Kingdom
Hackett (UK)Mrs H United Kingdom
Hackett (UK)Mrs H J United Kingdom
Hacking (UK)Mr & Mrs M R United Kingdom
Hackland (UK - Bazra Kush)Mr R United Kingdom
Hackworth (USA)Chodi United States
Hackworth & McCraw (UK)Messrs J & A H United Kingdom
Hadcott (NZ)Mrs G New Zealand
Haddad (USA)Mr J United States
Haddad (USA)F & G United States
Hadden (UK)Miss D United Kingdom
Hadden (UK)Mr Norman D United Kingdom
Hadder (USA)W United States
Haddix (USA)R & R United States
Haddock (UK)Mrs M K C United Kingdom
Haddock (USA)T United States
Hades (HUN)Zsolt Hungary
Hadfield (Johnson) (UK - Lokhandar)Mr & Mrs Keith R & Franci M United Kingdom
Hadfield (UK)Mrs B United Kingdom
Hadfield (UK)Mr N United Kingdom
Hadfield (UK)Mr M W United Kingdom
Hadley (UK)Mr & Mrs M E United Kingdom
Hadley (UK)Mr D United Kingdom
Hadley (UK)Ms P United Kingdom
Hadley (USA)Mrs Robert L United States
Hadley (USA)Mrs George F United States
Hadley (USA)Mr & Mrs John A United States
Hadley (USA)S United States
Hadley (USA)Carolyn S United States
Hadley Hughes (UK)Mr & Mrs United Kingdom
Hadley-Hughes (UK)Miss J United Kingdom
Hadlington (UK)Mr & Mrs P United Kingdom
Hadlow (UK)Mr & Mrs M G United Kingdom
Hadsell (USA)K E & B J United States
Hadwick (UK)Mr E J United Kingdom
Hadwin (UK)Mr & Mrs C A & J A United Kingdom
Haecker (USA)S United States
Haefeli (UK)Mrs C United Kingdom
Haegens (NL)A Netherlands
Haeming-Schmidtke (GER - Ela-Mana-Mur)G & E Germany
Haen (USA)W United States
Haener (USA)Laurie United States
Haenflein (SWE)Michael Sweden
Haerer (USA)D United States
Haerle (USA)C C & C United States
Haerr (USA)C United States
Haerzer (GER - El Dooraunee)Gerd & Annie Germany
Haffee (USA)Ruth E United States
Haffey (USA)J & A United States
Hafford (USA - Thaon)Jay T California United States
Hagan (UK - Wadibarr)Mrs E United Kingdom
Hagan (USA)Maxine Jacquelyn United States
Hagan (USA)M & J United States
Hagaty (UK)Mr J T United Kingdom
Hagemann (DK - Tscharikar)Erica Denmark
Hagemeier (GER)Marion Germany
Hagemeyer (USA)Jim & Diane E United States
Hagen (UK)Mrs S United Kingdom
Hagen (USA)Robert & Andrea New Hampshire United States
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