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Firstname: Mr & Mrs & Miss S P & A P
Lastname: Lacey (UK - Avagana)
Kennel: Avagana
Country: United Kingdom
Judge: no
Judge profile:
Breeder: no

Owner of 13 dogs:
Name Reg.No Sex Colour Date of birth Sire Dam
Petite Hobyar Bitch 1976-08-29Montravia Mazar SafariMontravia Bouquet
Severndene Night Rider Bitch 1981-07-25Severndene Serpants ToothHorningsea Marissa
Landhavi Moonshine Bitch 1983-09-12Barnesmore The Baron Of LandhaviKevocklea Kaleidoscope
Lissue Alcapone Dog 1985-03-22Koolaba Alexander Of SacheverellLissue She's A Lady
Severndene Red Rebel Dog 1988-01-12Hobgoblin At SeverndeneSeverndene Lady Bird
Severndene Blackberry Bitch 1988-01-12Hobgoblin At SeverndeneSeverndene Lady Bird
Yran Shady Lady Bitch Black and brindle 1989-04-10Kaskarak KochiseJhansi Zephyr Lily
Tianze Desdemona At Avagana Bitch Black and gold 1990-08-29Harlextan Mad MullahTianze Total Eclipse
Keamarola Karlesha Bitch Black and brindle 2008-03-13Zhaqqari Bend T' Rules at KeamarolaKhamis Dare I at Keamarola
Krishan Massie And Me Bitch Brindle 2010-09-19Agha Djari's World is Not EnoughKrishan Princess Leia
Dolce Vita vom Deilbachtal DWZB A 21158 Bitch Brindle 2011-06-23Star'T Cutting Trax of JhanziOlympe de Gouge av Poppyfield
Team Blazen T'Gift At Avagani ROK AH-13-0000832-ROK Bitch Black and brindle 2013-04-06Polo's The AviatorTeam Blazen X Half Coat Special One
Tamariki Peach Dreamer KCR AR01174706 Bitch Cream 2014-01-31Polo's Seistan At KhamisRyedalison Roshani

Breeder of 0 dogs

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