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Dogs New and Updated

Lady Ingram Junior
JJ Junior Jumper
Lady Blue
Nahima Bint Diva Von Haussman
Xenos Sihuca
Xenos Kalsoon
Xenos Ores
Sawsan Bint-Bint Diba Von Haussman
Xenos Maddox
Xenos Amaris
Ruben Barrichello
Tarek Ebn Wasfi Von Haussman
Dietinger's Hot Couture
Dietinger's Hypnose Senses
Dietinger's Hypnotic Poison
Dietinger's Hugo Pure Purple
Dietinger's Hugo Just Different
Dietinger's Habit Rouge
Dietinger's Homme Libre
Dietinger's Happy Heart
Dietinger's Higher Energy
Kouros Other Side Of The World
Dietinger's Glacial Storm
Dietinger's Golden Dancer
Star Of Tuareg's Asnavour
Star Of Tuareg's Aleff
Star Of Tuareg's Akabar
Star Of Tuareg's Aysoy El Mariner
Star Of Tuareg's A Touch Of Class
Star Of Tuareg's Amira
Star Of Tuareg's Anschanty
Star Of Tuareg's Actration Fatal
Way Up Victory Letter From Italia
Maidum The Magic Illusionist
Maidum The Magic Allchemist (2)
Maidum The Magic In Black
Maidum The Magic Alchemist
Amore Azzurro Del Gran Pamir
Zeta Jones Dei Principi Del Deserto
Kho I Noor Jaqueline Kennedy
Kho I Noor Joy Full's Harmony
Kho I Noor Just For Example
Kho I Noor Johann Sebastian Strauss
Kho I Noor Jump For The Best Choice
Kho I Noor Jackpot In Las Vegas
Kho I Noor Jewelry Only For Mille Miglia
Ginevra (IT)(2012)
Ginevra (IT)(1996)
Kho I Noor Imagination Total
Kho I Noor Infatuation Sweet and Rebellius
Kho I Noor In A Night Of Stars
Virgola Dei Principi Del Deserto
Victoria Dei Principi Del Deserto
Van Gogh Dei Principi Del Deserto
Victor Dei Principi Del Deserto
Vincent Dei Principi Del Deserto
Virgo Dei Principi Del Deserto
Van Helsing Dei Principi Del Deserto
Vladimir Dei Principi Del Deserto
Dietinger's Feenat
Dietinger's Fa'ez
Dietinger's Fardoarg
Dietinger's Faghan
Dietinger's Farrel
Dietinger's Fearghus
Dietinger's Fineena
Dietinger's Farah Diba
Tjuringa Sacred Spirit del Gran Pamir
Tilly Toke Del Gran Pamir
Falmouth Falcon Del Gran Pamir
Luna Lovegood del Gran Pamir
Nymphadora Nexos Del Gran Pamir
Xanadee Xelya Del Gran Pamir
Dylan Dog Del Gran Pamir
Xumanty Xoe Del Gran Pamir
Captain Harlock Del Gran Pamir
Martin Mystere Del Gran Pamir
Barukhzy's Khan
Turkuman Bamboo (late Black Samson)


Owners/Breeders New and Updated

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