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Rescue & Re-homing

Worldwide Afghan Hound Rescue Organisations

If you need to re-home a Afghan Hound or are looking to home one, please contact the following.......


UK Each regional club operates it's own rescue section and officers. They have a strict criteria for the acceptance of potential adopters to ensure that each hound is placed in a suitable home. All decisions made by these clubs are final

Nationwide Co-Ordinator - Terry Carr - http://www.afghanhoundrescue.net/
& Western Afghan Hound Club Email: shirley@bozwood.demon.net Tel: 01249 813447

Afghan Hound Association

Mr Mark Cocozza - Tel: 07768 825430  email: freecloud1@aol.com

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland
Lyn McCrindle Email:  l.mccrindle7@btinternet.com/a>   Tel 0131 339 3570

Afghan Hound Club of Wales
Mrs C G Brace - 02920 614339Birmingham Afghan Hound Club
Mrs Carol Humphries, 11 Onslow Crescent, Solihull, BR92 8RH - carolzone@hotmail.net Tel: 01217 433693

East of England Afghan Hound Club
Debbie Newson -  01526 344725, debbieatsalvation@hotmail.net     FB http://www.facebook.com/deborah.newson.7

Midland Afghan Hound Club
Mrs Michelle Bloor - Co-Ordinator sec@mahc.net 01773 715054

North Eastern Afghan Hound Club
Mrs M Morrison 0191 523 5202 email: mariemorrison53@hotmail.com

Northern Afghan Hound Society
Marjorie Barber marjorie.barber@pat.nhs.uk / normarandafghans@gmail.com
01706 343776

Southern Afghan Hound Club
Heidi Woodgate email: rochanderaffis@hotmail.com   Tel:01843 230294 and Connie DeSouza Tel: 01843 600310

Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society
Mrs S Virgo 01757 630551 email: sumahari@btinternet.com



Afghan Hound Rescue Groups - Links


Afghan Hound Club of Greater Houston Rescue Page
Afghan Hound Club Of America Rescue
Afghan Hound Rescue Central Ohio Facebook
Missouri Afghan Hound Rescue - Facebook
Afghan Hound Rescue of California
Afghan Hound Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic
Afghan Hound Club of New England
Denver Afghan Hound Rescue
Northern California Afghan Hound Rescue
Tara Afghan Hound Rescue - Georgia
Evergreen Afghan Hound Club Rescue - Washington
Sand N See Afghan Hound Club of Florida Rescue
Afghan Hound Rescue of Oregon Facebook
Afghan Hound Rescue of So. CA, Inc. Afghan Hound Rescue of So. CA, Inc. - Facebook


Canada - Willow Afghan Hound Rescue also Facebook


Australia - SOUL COMPANIONS SALUKI & AFGHAN RESCUE - Contact: Pam Adams Phone: 61353454022 email: pam@soulcompanions.com


Cyprus -

Susan Neal Tel: 0035799181502 Email: snooze@cytanet.com.cy


Germany - and other European Countries -

Erika Heilmann - Tel.: 0049 8721 508930  Email: home@afghanen-in-not.de

www.afghanen-in-not.de   -   www.tierschutz-europaweit.de

Initiative Windhundhilfe e.V.

Helge Wenger Tel 0049/7156/24821 Email: helge.wenger@windhundhilfe.de


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