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Homepathic Remedies

PARSLEY is a wonderful remedy for a variety of conditions especially the phantom pregnancy when the bitch has a full "milk bar".  It is a good blood coolant and certainly does relieve anxiety.

Nux vom and Cocculus are both very good remedies for travel sickness and do NOT make the animal drowsy

Petroleum 200X may help dogs that respond to the Petrol fumes in cars

Khali phos to alleveiate nausea

GINGER to alleveiate nausea

PEPPERMINT helps allay anxiety of travel for some dogs

PARSLEY hang a bunch of  in the car,  mysteriously seems to prevent travel sickness in SOME DOGS

CHININUM ARSENICOSUM  For poor eaters 4C potency x 3 daily. Ainsworths Homeopathic pharmacy could advise you further.
I personally have had success with both
LYCOPODIUM 30C, given twice daily for 3/4 days This most certainly worked for my CPV puppies way back in 1984 to get them back into a normal eating pattern (they had contracted CPV at 13 weeks of age)
Whilst Lycopodium is frequently used as a liver remedy, ( a sub-clinical liver condition may exist in some dogs, these dogs often appear to be interested in food but when the bowl is put in front of them they may take a couple of mouthfuls and then walk away.) This remedy has been shown to work for many youngsters who in all other aspects are healthy.


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