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Horsewormers Possible dangers

Many thanks to SYLVIA EVANS for the following article

A timely reminder came  through an Auto Immune Group I belong to, a friend of a friend has recently had a very unpleasant experience with her dog as a result of the dog eating  fresh horse manure. The dog goes with her to the stables and  it would appear that the horses had recently been wormed with a product called Panomec,  Panomec contains the drug Ivermectin which can prove very serious in its effect on canines  especially of the Collie Type Breeds. Initial symptoms gave the appearance of a stroke, the pupils were dilated, unsteady in gait, so please be warned. This dog with appropriate veterinary action survived, others are not always so fortunate. Another interested party  told me that an organic horticulturist who was talking about the use of horse manure in gardens had said that such compost frequently contains worming medications which  can kill off the beneficial worms in the soil.He also had said that if you do compost it, the resulting compost does not get those red wriggly worms that break down manure and compost for a good long time so it would appear that this stuff can remain active for quite a while which could be  quite  serious to any "Scavaging" Dog. I have yet to meet ANY dog who does not enjoy the dietary treat of a   munch of  "fresh" horse manure, which reminds me how many years ago , at one of our big Agricultural events that used to  host  well supported Open Dog Shows  in the county of Essex, I would frequently pick up from the ground a piece of this  strategically placed  deposit of interest, to  prevent the  dog from ground smelling activities when you were trying to get them to show some interest, far too many other surounding  distractions, at such events in those days, in  running around the ring with the head carriage extended upward rather than to the inviting smells from the ground on which you were running, We all did it!! OK as long as you remembered to remove the offending  "Bait" from your pocket!


There was a "post" that was written about the effects  of  Invermectin  & the Toxic affects of this drug on the Collie breeds sometime ago briefly, this drug is a mixture of macrocylic lactones which are produced from or are  chemical derivatives of soil micro-organisms. Although mammals are generally not adversely affected by macrocyclic lactones, the safety factor seems to depend on certain protein activity in the blood-brain barrier, which pumps the substance from the central nervous system cells. Any animal with a defective activity of this function maybe susceptible to a toxic reaction, it is apparent that both pure bred Collie Breeds and some x Collie Breeds may fall into this catagory.

With all worming procedures, dogs will be given (mainly for roundworms, heartworms etc) , much LOWER doses than those used on other animal species.

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