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Name Title Sire Dam Born (YYYY-MM-DD)
L A Connection Chanaz Khan Complement Fine Weather Diara von der Irminsul 2001-06-08
L and J's Angel Rufus Goofus L and J's Penelope 1972-07-18
L and J's Angels Falica L and J's Prince Rajah Doupnik's Big Doll 1973-09-12
L and J's Penelope Dugan's Prince of Taj Mahal Belden Destiny 1969-12-09
L and J's Prince Rajah Bold Ruler Sherry's Kismet 1971-11-12
L And L Amanda Rujha's Rus Knight Of Siani Rujha's Princess Alfee 1984-04-11
L And L Amber Rujha's Rus Knight Of Siani Rujha's Princess Alfee 1984-04-11
L and L Angie's Girl 1999-01-01
L and L Crystal Jeremiahs Masked Bandit Becky Mercedes 1984-04-29
L And L Kizzy Tully's Apollo Dream Bonnie's Athena 1982-05-26
L And R's Natasha Of Lake View 1976-01-12
L And R's Princess Athena Doveshill's Honey Boy Kirkwoods Sonjai Royale 1991-07-26
L B's Golden Girl Taru Jamshid His Majesty's Adana of Khara 1968-08-30
L D Nike Charlane's Becket Kabul's Queen 1970-10-18
L E Ba Shazam Nero II Schehera Tammara Zadie 1972-08-23
L Nile Genesis of Fujimoto JAP CH Cani' Orient Breeze Fujimoto Genesis Brittania
L-E-Gant Of The Howling T Sundust Sunkhan Regal Glory Melody Of T-Bolt 1974-10-01
L'Abiat Malik vom Mandelberg Chorassan vom Mandelberg Hava vom Mandelberg 2000-04-09
L'Afghani de la Vallee de la Vezere Huilaco's Kharibe Gohard-Shad De La Vallee De La Vezere 1995-05-25
L'Air Du Temps del Rey Rakashi Just'Au Coeur De Tchekana Galicia du Clos de Cristaline 1995-10-26
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