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Last name First name Kennel Judge Website Facebook City Country
A Bao A Qu (ARG) Argentina
A'Derkoua (UK)Mr G United Kingdom
Aakesson (FR - Khathikhan)Anne Kathrine France
Aalborg (DK)Ulla Denmark
Aalderink (NL - Hejo Mar)G Netherlands
Aalpol (NL - Cavalcade's)C J J H Netherlands
Aalto (FIN)Sirpa Finland
Aalto (FIN)Kaisa Finland
Aaltonen (FIN - Woodward's)Tuulikki Finland
Aanesen (NOR - Cane)Lise Norway
Aardal (NOR)Kare Norway
Aarfeldt (DK)Mrs J Denmark
Aarflot (UK - Justaghan)Mr & Mrs A & M A Stourbridge United Kingdom
Aarnio (FIN - Amu-Darjan)Meeri Finland
Aaron (UK)Mr L J United Kingdom
Aaron (USA)Jody United States
Aarons (UK)Miss S United Kingdom
Aarons (USA)Anthony United States
Aarts-Goossens (NL)Mrs Netherlands
Aas (NOR - Heksebo)Aase & Arne Norway
Aasa (SWE - Hadjis)Inger Sweden
Aasmae (EST)Piret Estonia
Aastvedt (NOR) Norway
Abad (USA)A United States
Abanz (ARG - Cielodiafano)Lorena Argentina
Abate (UK)Mrs H G United Kingdom
Abatemarco (USA)T W United States
Abbate (USA)L United States
Abbey (UK - Shighan)Mrs S P United Kingdom
Abbey (UK)Mrs S United Kingdom
Abbott (AUST - Khyber)Mrs James W Australia
Abbott (SA)A South Africa
Abbott (UK - Carashar)Mr & Mrs J R United Kingdom
Abbott (UK - Rowanhead)Mrs M E United Kingdom
Abbott (UK)Mrs P United Kingdom
Abbott (UK)Mr R United Kingdom
Abbott (USA)L United States
Abbott (USA)Dr John E United States
Abbott (USA)C & M United States
Abbott (USA)Elmer T United States
Abbott-Creber (UK)Miss D United Kingdom
Abbott-Young (nee Viccars) (AUST)Lyndall Australia
Abboud (DK)Karin Denmark
Abdella (USA)J United States
Abderhalden (CH)K Switzerland
Abdul (UK)Mr Colin Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK. United Kingdom
Abdullah (AFG)Khan Afghanistan
Abdy (UK)Miss M United Kingdom
Abel (GER - Habib ul-Lah)Renate Germany
Abel (NOR)Mia Norway
Abel (UK)Mr M W United Kingdom
Abeling (USA)B & D United States
Abendschein (GER - Abu Khans)Karl & Silvia Hamburg Germany
Abens (USA)Kathryn United States
Aber (USA)Mike & Kathie United States
Aberant (USA)C United States
Abercrombie (USA)S L & F W United States
Aberg (SWE)Mary Sweden
Aberle (USA)Teresa CO United States
Abernethy (UK - Aberfield)Mr & Mrs J D & P United Kingdom
Abernethy (USA)T United States
Abeyta (USA)S United States
Abil (DK)Hans Ove Denmark
Ablett (USA)Noel Stephan United States
Abou Maarouf (USA)Hazih & Jana United States
Abraham (DK)Christian Denmark
Abraham (UK)Miss L United Kingdom
Abraham (UK)Mrs M United Kingdom
Abraham (USA - Ariston)Elise (Lee) & Kurt New Jersey United States
Abraham (USA)Chris & Pat VA United States
Abraham (USA)J & B United States
Abraham (USA)Kathleen United States
Abrahamsson (SWE)Grethe Sweden
Abrahamsson (SWE)Mary Sweden
Abram (USA - Dureigh)Reigh Berry & Dewey Wellington, Ohio United States
Abramova (RUS)T Russia
Abramowitz (USA - Brama)Edward R CT United States
Abrams (USA)Mr Edward E PA United States
Abrams (USA)N L United States
Abrams (USA)S L United States
Abramson (USA)Peter United States
Abrecht (SWI)Mr E J Switzerland
Abrey (UK)Mrs D United Kingdom
Abtahi (USA)Sepideh United States
Aby (USA)Hulette F United States
Abysse (FR)Jean-Francois France
Acaster (UK)Mr R P United Kingdom
Acciai (IT)Francesca Italy
Accorsi (IT)Ana Luisa Italy
Achen (DK - Achams)Merete Denmark
Acht (GER)Bodo Germany
Achterhoff (FR - Aflawi Niamie Naa)Mireille France
Acker (USA)D W United States
Acker (USA)J & R United States
Ackerley (UK)Mrs B United Kingdom
Ackerman (USA)Larry United States
Ackerman (USA)K & V United States
Ackerman (USA)T R United States
Ackerman (USA)A United States
Ackermans (NL)M Netherlands
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