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We have moderators from around the globe who are all happy to help to update info of dogs and add info and/or pictures to dogs.
Below is a list of the moderators, you can see where they live and which languages they speak starting with the mother language.
That way you might be able to contact someone who speaks your own language.
Of course you can also visit our Facebook page and post there
Name: Country: Languages: Contact: Focus:
Muriel Boydell United Kingdom English webmaster@afghanhoundpedigrees.com Records, Webmaster Facebook
Lesley Busby United Kingdom English webmaster@afghanhoundpedigrees.com UK Litters, Imports, Exports, Titles Facebook
Sue Jordan United Kingdom English photos@afghanhoundpedigrees.com Photos Facebook
Monica Kullarand Estonia English, Estonian, Finnish monica@afghanhoundpedigrees.com FCI Records Facebook
Christina Douglas United Kingdom English christina@afghanhoundpedigrees.com OFA, Health Issues, Pedigrees Facebook
Tamás Tar Hungary English, Hungarian tamas@afghanhoundpedigrees.com FCI Records Facebook
Ramona Bergmann Germany German ramona@afghanhoundpedigrees.com FCI Records Facebook
Juan Esteban Hoyos Rodríguez Colombia Spanish, English juan@afghanhoundpedigrees.com FCI Records Facebook
Alf Refsum Norway Norwegian, English alf@afghanhoundpedigrees.com Website Administration Facebook
Nicole Comstock United States English calypso797@yahoo.com AKC Records Facebook
Lara Rigato Italy Italian, English terriera@internetpiu.com FCI Records Facebook
Eddie Kominek United States English eddie@afghanhoundpedigrees.com Website Administration Facebook

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