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Help and Info for AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database

What is AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database?

How to start working with AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database?

Dog info and Pedigree



Where can I find the "ID"?

How can I add or update a dog?


What is AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database?

AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database is an initiative to collect as many Afghan Hound pedigrees and data as possible to give a good view of the breed, show developments in the breed, and help breeders planning their litters and owners discovering the ancestors of their beloved pets.

How to start working with AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database?

You need to be a registered user to see all the available content in the database, for unregistered users the features are limited.
If you would like to have access to AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database and currently don't have an account you can create one by clicking onto the "Account" Button on top in the menu and choose the Login screen.

The easiest way to start working with AHI Afghan Hound Pedigree database by browsing the content. You can click through pedigrees and go back many generations, viewing the pedigree and detailed information for each dog, and information about the owners or the breeders of the dog.

You can start exploring the website by following one of these links::

Dog Info and Pedigree

On the top of the Dog Info and Pedigree page is the Dog Info - their name, registration number, date of birth, picture, medical info etc, where available. When there is no information available the field will not show until the information is filled in.

Calculate COI will perform a quick coefficient of inbreeding (COI) calculation over 8 generations. To see the most current calculation (eg if a pedigree has been updated), you need to "Calculate COI again".

Beneath this are options to perform "Partial COI Calculations" or "Ancestor Loss/Blood Percentage" over 8, 9 or 10 generations.
The partial COI calculations shows next to the COI of the dog also the COI of the parents and shows a list with the most contributing Ancestors towards the COI, more about this is explained on the page itself.
The Ancestor Loss/Blood Percentage does not only calculates coefficient of inbreeding, but also ancestor loss and percentage of blood. Results, and more information about these, including a table of ancestors, are displayed on a new page.

Below the 'Dog Info' is the Pedigree showing the selected number of generations. The default is 4 generations, and you may select from 1 through to 8.
Also there is an option "picture", which allows you to upload a picture of the Afghan Hound you are looking at.
Underneath the pedigree are lists of known mates, offspring and full siblings.

There are also a few options for viewing other information immediately above the pedigree, on the right;


Various statistics are available from the database.

The statistics are based on the information available in the database and are therefore only reliable to that extent.
If you have other ideas for statistics which we did not think of and are giving a nice additional view over our breed, you always can contact us with ideas!


Various reports may be run on the database.

Where can I find the "ID"?

For the various "Reports" the dog "ID" is required. This is the unique number each dog gets when it is added to the database.
You can find this ID under the dog's name on the dog info and pedigree page.

How can I add or update a dog?

You can send scanned pedigree or the information to us by email and we will be happy to add it.

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