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Firstname: Linda
Lastname: Aldous (UK - Panjsher)
Kennel: Panjsher
Area: East Sussex
Country: United Kingdom
Email: shalar@sky.com
Website: www.ahinternational.net/gallery2/v/kennelname/unitedkingdom/ukkennel/Panjsher/
Judge: yes
Judge profile: I have owned and shown Afghan Hounds since 1972, and have bred 1 litter in partnership with Jane Bracegirdle,of which there were 2 Champions and a RCC winner.

Ch Asian Earl At Shalazsar owned by Roz Livesey who sired
Ch Khonistan Eastern Mystic owned by Ian Hodgson

Ch Mahogonny Moon Of Jhansi owned by Richard Kirkham

Karachi Khan owned by Jane Bracegirdle who sired
Ir Ch Jhansi Armani owned by Zita & Brian Fogarty
Ch Jhansi Calandre

I have been on the Championship show judges list in Afghans since 1985.

I owned the Top Stud dog ever in the breed in England. Champion Amudarya Shalar (1973-1985)

Kharif still holds the record for the most Champions sired in the UK since 1900.
He took over this title in 1979 from Ch Yussef of Carloway
He is in the top 5 sires all breeds at the UK Kennel Club

Kharif sired 23 English Champion children including 5 in the Karnak litter.
3 Irish Champions 2 Italian Champions and 1 South African Champion
34 Junior warrant winners 43 qualified for Crufts in one year.

Top sire all breeds UK 1984/1985 Top sire Hound Group UK 1982/84/85

He was also a double junior warrant winner and top winning puppy in 1974
He won the RCC at Crufts 1976

I awarded CCs for the first time in May 1986 at Bath where I judged Bitches.
I then judged both sexes at Darlington in 1993, and both sexes at Richmond 2005 and both sexes at Bournemouth 2010.

At the Afghan Hound Association of Ireland in 1997
I judged both sexes awarding Green Stars

I judged Standard and Minature smooth haired Dachshunds at Bournemouth without CC's in 2010 and I also judged the Borzoi Club Open Show in July 2010. In 2011 I am judging Standard Long Haired and Wire Haired Dachshunds without CC's. Borzois without CC's and Deerhounds without CC's.

I Judged The Natal Afghan Hound Club Ch show in South Africa in July 2008.

In 2007 I was elected as a member of the English Kennel Club

I had been a committee member since 1999 of The South Eastern Hound Club which has Premier show status and until this April, due to other committments have had to resign as Treasurer, a position I held for the last 2 years.

I am a member of the Deerhound Club, and I am also on their Judges B List.
I also own a Miniature Long Haired Dachshund in partnership with Pam Croft.
Denzil who I handle qualified 6 times for Crufts 2009 and was consistently in the line up although due to commitments he is no longer shown.

I am also a member of 3 Dachshund Clubs and am on their B judges lists. I am a member of the Podengo Club and am on their list. I am also on the Borzoi Club B list.

Since last July I have handled or run a Saluki for Mr & Mrs White who was bred by Zola Rawson and has won 1CC and 1RCC, he was also 2nd in Limit dog at Crufts in a strong class of 16.
Notes: Breeder's Diploma 23/06/86 Mrs Bracegirdle & Mrs Aldous BRS L03/1986
Breeder: no

Owner of 6 dogs:
Name Reg.No Sex Colour Date of birth Sire Dam
Kaikora Tananka Of Panjsher Dog Red 1972-05-03Khinjan AmbassadorKhinjan Nerina
Amudarya Shalar Dog Gold 1973-11-01Amudarya The PaganAmudarya Shakila
Malcas Malaita of Panjsher Dog Gold 1974-10-22Amudarya PhazanMalcas Manyana
Harlextan Shanika Of Panjsher KCR C7262406D05 Bitch Red 1978-10-14Amudarya ShalarHarlextan Mad Margaret
Khorlynton Keltic Kween Of Panjsher KCR 1815205E05 Bitch Gold 1979-11-16Amudarya ShalarKhorlynton Kirjatharba
Amudarya Shalim of Panjsher Dog 1983-10-12Amudarya ShalarAmudarya Shh Y'Know Who

Breeder of 0 dogs

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