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Firstname: Lyndall
Lastname: Abbott-Young (nee Viccars) (AUST)
Country: Australia
Email: alahni.1@bigpond.com
Website: http://www.lyndallsplace.biz/Alahni/index.html
Judge: no
Judge profile:
Notes: Lyndall worked at the Victoria Szomasnki's Khaser kennels for approximately 2 years and has supplied the AHI database with information on the dogs.
Breeder: no

Owner of 4 dogs:
Name Reg.No Sex Colour Date of birth Sire Dam
Battur Yarrageh ANKC S67401 Bitch Gold Fermoy ThoroldShahzada Nunkeri
Rahnagirl Katerina Bitch Black 1974-07-19Calahorra QuetzlcoatlKhalatan Banksia Rose
Calahorra Kentucky Dog Blue 1975-08-08Calahorra QuetzlcoatlCadburyhill After Image
Calahorra Statement ANKC 2100195955 Dog Silver 2004-09-06Calahorra Ticolmy FancyCalahorra State OthUnion

Breeder of 0 dogs

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